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Insightful Data Analysis

Synthesize your data to drive impactful strategy.

“Insights” is a buzzword that’s frequently used in the digital marketing space—but they’re rarely this comprehensive. We firmly believe that to get the truest insights, you need to mine not just the basic analytics of user behavior, but also understand relationships within a diverse web of campaigns and channels. We won’t just dump the data in your lap, either. Instead, we strive to offer proactive insights that go beyond simple observations.

Data Integration and Onboarding

Get the right integrations to maximize your data.

Don’t have all of your data sources ironed out? We’ll set it all up. With our expertise across the marketing and technology space, our team has you covered. Whether it’s tag placement on a website or a full data platform integration, we scale to your needs. Concerned about security? We have proprietary encrypted approaches to gather and deliver your data securely, too, so you never have to worry.

Deeper Channel Understanding

Determine how each channel impacts your business.

Your customers are unique, and so is your marketing strategy. Understanding how each of your channels operates—both individually and in tandem—requires a holistic view. We use robust machine learning principles and advanced statistical methods to better understand the journey your customer takes, along with the importance of each touchpoint.

From classifications to Markovian-based measurements (we’ll explain the distinctions), we can tell where your customers are engaging with you, and where the most profitable paths are.

Obsessive Attention to Detail

Getting data collection right the first time.

Good marketing starts with good data. Good data starts with better collection methods. We focus on collecting data in the most efficient and effective way possible, ensuring your data is clean and actionable. This often starts with an exhaustive evaluation of how you currently collect data from your website and your analytics accounts, as well as an analysis of your current business needs and reporting.

This evaluation gives us a deeper understanding of your audiences and what your competitors are doing across the web, allowing us to help you scale your business quickly and efficiently. You could say we’re detail oriented, which is a rarer quality than you’d think, but even that is putting it mildly.

Tinuiti Intelligence Platform

Our industry-leading advanced machine learning & AI platform.

When you work with us, you’ll get access to the Tinuiti Intelligence Platform (aka T.I.P.), the industry’s leading Machine Learning & AI tool built for marketers. The T.I.P. gives you a whole new way to experience cutting-edge insights beyond what any competitor is capable of, and it gives us the tools we need to deliver the very best data, reporting, and analysis to drive your business. The T.I.P. is always on, always learning, and always growing, giving you access to all of your data in one place, so you can move your brand forward with data science modeling beyond that which any other agency can provide.

We believe clients should have the best technology at their fingertips, which is why the Tinuiti Intelligence Platform brings together proprietary and third-party data and technologies to illuminate the best solutions for your unique business, helping you make the most educated decisions possible.

See what we’ve built.

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Meet some of our Analytics experts.

Reese McGillie

Senior Director of Insights & Analytics

Reese has been in advertising, marketing, and PR for 10+ years. She joined Tinuiti in 2019, and she’s a pro helping uncover analytical insights for clients like Maurices and e.l.f.

Fun Fact About Experience

In spring 2019, Reese was the very first woman to be featured in Twitter’s #HerStory speaker series.

Fun Fact About Working At Tinuiti

She completed a halo effect analysis that proved the impact of a client’s brand efforts vs. their direct marketing efforts.

Aarati Sriram

Insights Manager, Analytics

Aarati has been working at Tinuiti since 2018. She’s certified in Google Analytics and Tableau, and she’s really good at extracting meaning from complex data sets.

Fun Fact About Experience

Aarati’s background is in physical sciences.

Fun Fact About Working At Tinuiti

Aarati uses data-driven forecasting to recommend profitable client budget plans.

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