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Take your marketplace game to the next level with the industry’s most comprehensive Amazon program.

The ultimate eCommerce brand-building program.

Activate customers on and off Amazon with full-funnel ad campaigns, world-class creative content, and expert operations management—all powered by our proprietary Amazon ad tech.

Industry Leaders

Get the ultimate edge on Amazon.

We don’t mean to brag, but we were the first performance marketing agency to start and scale an Amazon practice. Since then, we’ve established services in all facets of Amazon acceleration for both sellers and vendors, with proprietary technology for advertising, reporting, and market analysis.

Our team understands what inputs are required to be successful on the Amazon marketplace and how to strategically move your business towards its goals.

Proprietary Ad Tech

The best way to scale efficiently across thousands of ASINs.

Amazon has evolved to a point where the advertising tools are so sophisticated—and the competition so fierce—that the only way to compete to win is a combination of best-in-class tech, regimented process, and industry expertise.

That’s why we designed our own programmatic ad management platform specifically for Amazon Ad Console and Demand Side Platform (DSP). Our Amazon experts use our proprietary technology to drive ad performance and effectively execute on performance trends at scale.

Operations Management

Your secret to maximum profitability.

Most agencies try to keep up with Amazon—we make sure you stay ahead. Your retail operations and inventory management are the foundation for all other marketing levers on Amazon. They’re key to improving purchase orders, buy box percentages, chargebacks, and advertising performance on Amazon.

Our team of operations experts works with your team to dial in and improve operational procedures with all available data and analytics, helping you master demand forecasting, purchase orders, and more to drive growth across your Amazon catalog.

On-Amazon Advertising

Build your brand. And your bottom line.

Growing your brand visibility is key to accelerating your sales and organic ranking on Amazon. We create a granular campaign structure for sponsored products and sponsored brands based on your account and catalog objectives to scale with our proprietary bidding technology.

Our experts use rich search term data and sales objectives to determine how to maximize budget across your catalog. We use an offensive and defensive targeting strategy to keep your products in the buy box and in front of your customers.

Demand Generation

Reach your shoppers on and off Amazon.

As one of the very first agencies to offer a dedicated Amazon DSP program, we’ve pioneered the most effective ways to leverage Amazon’s display network to drive brand and product awareness, feed your search and retargeting funnels, and scale growth across your entire catalog.

Our “always-on” approach to DSP means that your brand leverages Amazon’s powerful first-party data to capture the attention of brand-agnostic shoppers and retain brand-loyal customers. It’s a win-win.

Creative Services

Stunning creative that converts customers.

Amazon is no longer just a conversion engine—it’s a platform complete with creative capabilities that are a must for moving the needle. Compelling copy, creative detail pages, and premium content like Amazon Stores are all essential in building a cohesive brand experience on the world’s largest marketplace.

Tinuiti’s dedicated creative team works with you to build out engaging assets and campaigns for your products that capture customer attention, increase conversion rates, and raise your brand equity on Amazon.

All about Amazon.

Want even more? Dig into the details of our best-in-class Amazon service offering.

Amazon Creative

Inspire your customers with stunning visuals and messaging.

Operations Strategy & Management

Improve your operations and inventory for increased profitability.

Amazon Stores

Make your brand stand out with an elevated shopping experience.

Rated one of the “strongest eCommerce” programs by Forrester.

“Marketers who want to tie their Amazon presences to traditional performance marketing channels should consider Tinuiti.”

Grow Your Brand on the Walmart Marketplace

Be an early mover and diversify your marketplace presence with Walmart Advertising.

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Meet some of our Amazon & Marketplace thought leaders.

Elizabeth Marsten

Sr. Director, Marketplaces

Elizabeth joined Tinuiti in 2019 with 13+ years of digital marketing experience. She’s worked in everything from SEO to web development and launches platforms, like Google Express, for clients.

Fun Fact About Experience

Before her first job, she thought pay-per-click marketing was called “paper clip”.

Fun Fact About Working At Tinuiti

She helped launch the Walmart Advertising business line at Tinuiti.

Pat Petriello

Director, Marketplaces

Pat came to the Tinuiti team in 2013, fresh from his role on Amazon’s Marketplace team. He founded and launched Tinuiti’s Amazon department.

Fun Fact About Experience

He had a stint working for the NFL and MLB.

Fun Fact About Working At Tinuiti

He was the keynote speaker at Amazon’s first ever AdCon event.

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